Ok, This page is new. So not very many people are coming. Anyway, Share this to your friends. Step 1. Have a favorite Coldplay song? I bet I have it. This is a excellent page to go to when your on the go and when you don't have a Coldplay cd. Or no cd players are around Have a phone? Tablet, Kindle , Ipad , Ipod, Iphone , Galaxy? Simple! Type in Step 2. Once you selected, Scroll down in the comments, Do you see a video? That's the one I upoloaded when I started. Play it. Sing to it! You don't have to know it! That's why I have lyrics! Step 3. Once your done leave a comment saying if you like it or not. Step 4. Tell me if you want the instrumental or if you want live Ex. ( Yellow live in Sydney.) It could be live in any state! Step 5. Repeat! Im about finshed with this web. So all songs will be on. I work at my own pase. Couple simple steps. I don't hurry if someone tells me to. I work at this pase for everybody. Credits: Wikia Edit button ;) Coldplay Youtube and keyboard lol. Big thanks to coldplay. Inspired me to play guitar. Im obessed with them. Thanks! Made this for you. :) Bye! Tune in on my Minecraft Wikia!

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